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  • Resume & Interviews Preparation Support
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What is Security testing?

Security testing is a process intended to reveal flaws in the security mechanisms of an information system that protect data and maintain functionality as intended. Due to the logical limitations of security testing, passing security testing is not an indication that no flaws exist or that the system adequately satisfies the security requirements.

Looking for Best Security Testing training? 


Security testing plays a vital role in every modern organization. But, if an organization does not properly test and secure its web apps, adversaries can compromise these applications, damage business functionality, and steal data. Unfortunately, many organizations operate under the mistaken impression that a web application security scanner will reliably discover flaws in their systems.

Through this course, students will come to understand major web application flaws and their exploitation and, most importantly, learn a field-tested and repeatable process to consistently find these flaws and convey what they have learned to their organizations. Even technically gifted security geeks often struggle with helping organizations understand risk in terms relatable to business. Much of the art of penetration testing has less to do with learning how adversaries are breaking in than it does with convincing an organization to take the risk seriously and employ appropriate countermeasures.

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Types of Training Available – Corporate training, online training and Class room training. We are located in Bangalore at BTM.

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Ascent has a lot to offer – Security testing Training and certification

  • Hands-on practice of 15+ Security testing algorithms with 4 real-life industry projects
  • Dedicated mentoring session from our Industry expert faculties
  • 80% Practical training from industry expert
  • Learn from certified trainers and industry experts with 15+ years of experience
  • 100% guaranteed job placements with resume preparation
  • Preparation for Exam and certification
  • Salary packages up to 6 – 7 lakh to boost your career
  • Flexible batches – weekends and weekdays
  • Fast track course available
  • Course Available at the most competitive and best fees
  • Multi-Platform Demonstration
  • Product Based Training
  • Real-Time Case Studies
  • Use of Latest Tools & Technology
  • Unlimited Lab facility
  • Faculties drawn from Industries
  • Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise
  • Workshops on New Technologies

Security testing course - Placements

  • 100% Guaranteed Placement
  • Mock Interview Conducted
  • Resume preparation and support
  • Schedule interviews until you get placed.

Security testing Course Duration

  • 2 months of practical classes i.e., 48 hours on whole
  • Flexibilities – weekend or weekday Batch
  • Practical learning –to make you job ready
  • Corporate Training (Off-site/on-site Available in Bangalore)
  • Online Training all over India
  • Class room training

Who should take this security testing course?

The target audience for the program are professionals with minimum of two years of experience with regards to various phases of Software Development Life Cycles and Software Testing, and should be involved with any / all / either of the functions given below:

  • Head of Testing
  • Test managers
  • Project Managers
  • Test leads
  • Sr Test Engineers

Course curriculum – Security testing

  1. Introduction to Application Security
  • What is IT-Security
  • Dealing with IT security
  • Definition: Application Security
  • Defense in Depth
  • Firewalls
  • SSL
  • Targets
  • Widespread weaknesses
  • Web application vulnerabilities
  • HTTP Basics
  • Never trust the client!
  • Manipulation of HTTP data – Web Pro
  • burp suite – Port Wigger

2.Application Security Risks and Vulnerabilities

  • Input validation
  • Best Practices for validation
  • Validation techniques (Java)
  • Validation in applications: SO NOT!
  • Bean Validation in Web Applications
  • Regular expressions – Best Practices
  • Password policies
  • Storage (password) hashes
  • Privileged passwords

3.Widespread Attacks and Vulnerabilities

1.      Cross Site Scripting Introduction

2.      Cross Site Scripting Exploit

3.      XSS (diagram)

4.      Countermeasures: Output Encoding

5.      What is Phishing?

6.      HTML Injection

7.      Frames and iFrames

8.      What is SQL Injection?

9.      Logins without password

10.  Using error messages


11.  Other types of injection attacks

12.  Cross Site Tracing

13.  HTTP Trace Example

14.  Cross-site tracing exploit

15.  What is Cross Site Request Forgery?

16.  CSRF Basics

17.  CSRF (chart)

18.  URL Encoding

19.  Path Traversal

20.  What is Session Fixation?


21.  Session Fixation Example

22.  Countermeasures

23.  What is direct object referencing?

24.  Predictable Resource Location

25.  Countermeasures

26.  What is an information leak?

27.  Best Practices for cryptography

28.  Random numbers and cryptography

29.  Unaudited order and redirects

30.  Countermeasures


4.Introduction to Web Application Security Testing Tools

  • Rational AppScan
  • Acunetix
  • Nikto
  • Wikto
  • Google Web App Scanner
  • Advantages of Manual and Automated Security Testing

Bonus To students

  • Free Wi-Fi facility
  • Free Trial Class
  • Free tools and study materials
  • Lab facility with an instructor
  • Security testing certification course
  • Trainers and instructors with 15+ years of experience
  • Real time practical assignments and modules
  • Back up classes

Other key benefits


  • Much demand in the market and industry
  • enjoy a wide range of job opportunities and top-tier salaries
  • Consistently listed among the top paying certifications worldwide
  • Entrepreneurs, students and professionals learn and implement further advance Business

1.     What if I miss a class?

You can always attend the missed class with the next batch or next session

2.     Will I get placement assistance?

We guarantee you 100% placement, in fact we also assist and groom you for interview by conducting mock interview. We also help you with resume preparation.

3.     Is there a trial class or a demo class before enrollment?

Yes, we have limited seats available though. Please get in touch and confirm your bookings at the earliest.

4.     Who are the Instructors and trainers?

All the trainers and instructors at Ascent are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by Ascent for providing an awesome learning experience to the participants.

5.     What if I have more queries?

Just give us a CALL at 9035037886/080- 42191321 OR email

48 Hours

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Ascent Success Stories

Review: “I have enrolled in security testing from Ascent. The content of the course is elaborate and easy to understand. The faculty has clarity in his way of explaining, maintains a very good balance between theory and the practical process. It has been a great learning experience for me.” Kiran Raj

Review: “Ascent provides a platform to explore the subject in depth. The way it connects every problem with the real world makes the subject even more interesting. The trainers and support staff act promptly to each query with every possible help. Security testing course is definitely one of my best experiences and is highly recommended for every security testing specialist and aspirant.” Habeeb zain

“I had a wonderful experience with Ascent and it has been amazing throughout. This is the third course that I have done from here and all the courses provide the best quality knowledge. Core and Advance java training course content was wide and deep. It covered all from basic script to advance java programming. It also provided project support. The faculties are well educated, well experienced, humble, kind and eager to teach things.” Jishant Sharma