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React JS Training Institute :

React and Redux in ES6React and Redux in ES6/>

React JS Course Content

Getting Started withReact and Redux in ES6

Learn how to use Redux, React Router, and ES6 to build a real world app with React. Use Webpack,
Babel, ESLint, npm scripts, Mocha, Enzyme, and more to build a rich, one step, custom React
development environment and build process from the gorund up.

React is a library with so much power, but so few strong opinions. In this course, Building Applications
with React and Redux in ES6, you will learn how to use Redux, React Router, and ES6 to build powerful
and fast React Applications from the ground up, as well as use Webpack, Babel, ESLint, npm scripts,
Mocha, Enzyme.

Finally, you will create a rapid feedback development environment that runs linting and tests,
transpiles ES6 to ES5, starts up Express as a webserver, opens the application, and hot reloads changes
every time you hit save and eploys with a single command.

When you’re finished with this course, you will have a foundational knowledge of React and Redux in
ES6 that will help you as you move forward building robust, scalable React applications using a custom,
rapid feedback development environment.


Introducing React

  1. Introduction
  2. Advantages
  3. Architecture


  1. Defining Components
  2. Rendering Components
  3. Populating Props
  4. Composing Components
  5. State
  6. Default Props
  7. Validating Props


  1. What is JSX?
  2. JSX for Components
  3. Just-in-time JSX Transformer
  4. Pre-process Transformer
  5. Attribute Expression
  6. Child Expressions
  7. HTML Attributes
  8. Unescaping Content


  1. Introduction
  2. DOM Events
  3. Component Events
  4. Touch Events

Environment Setup

  1. Introduction
  2. Hot Reloading
  3. Set up Webpack
  4. Set up Babel
  5. Set up Express
  6. Set up ESLint
  7. Set up Testing


  1. Introduction
  2. New ES6 Syntax
  3. ES6 Modules and Classes
  4. New Types and Object Extensions
  5. Iterators, Generators, and Promises
  6. Arrays and Collections
  7. The Proxy API

Initial App Structure

  1. Create Initial Components
  2. Create APP Layout
  3. Configure Routing
  4. Cloning components
  5. Update Entry Point
  6. Create Styles

Introduction to Redux

  1. Do we need Redux?
  2. Virtual DOM
  3. Three Core Redux Principles
  4. Redux Flow Overview

Actions, Stores, and Reducers

  1. Introduction
  2. Actions and Store
  3. Immutability
  4. Handling Immutability
  5. Reducers

Connecting React to Redux

  1. Introduction
  2. Container vs. Presentational Components
  3. React-Redux Introduction
  4. mapStateToProps
  5. mapDispatchToProps

Redux Flow

  1. Introduction
  2. Binding in ES6
  3. Actions
  4. Reducers
  5. Initiate Store and Provider
  6. Connect Container
  7. Manual Mapping
  8. bindActionCreators
  9. Action Type Constants

Async in Redux

  1. Introduction
  2. Mock API
  3. Async Library Options
  4. Thunk Overview
  5. Add Thunk to Store
  6. Action Naming Conventions
  7. Dispatch Action on Page Load
  8. Error Handling

Testing React

  1. Introduction
  2. Testing Frameworks
  3. Helper Libraries
  4. Testing React with React Test Utils
  5. Testing React with Enzyme

Testing Redux

  • Introduction
  • Testing Connected React Components
  • Testing mapStateToProps
  • Testing Action Creators
  • Testing Reducers
  • Testing Thunks
  • Testing the store
  •  Production Build
     Debugging React Application
     React Render on Serve

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