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Python Syllabus :

Foundations of programming language

a. Optimization
b. What is program
c. Input & Output
d. Process
Foundations of algorithm
Data types


a. Variable declaration
b. Single assignment
c. Multiple assignment

System specific methods
Type conversion

a. Print statement/Print function
b. Return statement
c. Types of print statements
a. Variable scope[Coding guidelines]
b. Command lines

String and its methods

a. String slicing
b. Examples
a. Range and Ex-Range

Conditional statements :

a. If
b. If else
c. Nested if
d. elif
e. Effective implementation of conditions
f. Practice programs

Looping statements :

a. for
b. while
c. Effective implementation of loops
d. Practice programs

Data structures

a. List and its methods
i. Append
ii. Extend
iii. Remove
iv. Practice programs
b. Tuple
c. Dictionary and its methods
i. Extracting keys
ii. Extracting values
iii. Adding a keyvalue type
iv. Implementation of lists in dictionary and tuple
d. Most problems associated with data structures
e. Practice programs

File and its operations

a. File operation/functions
i. Open
ii. Read
iii. Write
iv. Append
v. Close
b. Access mode
i. r
ii. w
iii. r+
iv. a


a. Operations and modules
b. OS module
c. Collections module
d. Systems module


a. Definition
b. Examples
c. Practice programs

Functional programming

a. Lambda
b. Iterator
c. Generator
d. Decorator

OOPs concepts

a. What is a class
b. Class variable
c. Class method
d. Instantiation/Initialization
e. Instance
f. Instance variable
g. Instance method
h. What is __init__
i. What is self
j. What is inheritance
k. Multiple inheritance
l. Operator overloading
m. Method overloading

Regular expressions :

a. List comprehension
b. Set comprehension
c. Dictionary comprehension

Additional functional programming concepts

a. Lambda
b. Filter
c. Map
d. Reduce

Additional concepts

a. Difference between list and linked list
b. Sets
c. Sorting
d. Stack
e. Queue
f. Ordered dict

Applications in Python

b. XML
c. CSV
Comment lines
Socket programming and multi threading
Project specific discussion
Continuous guidance for the students till 3 months after the course completion.


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