Best Protractor End-to-End Testing For AngularJS

Protractor E2E Testing For AngularJS :


Protractor plays an important role in the Testing of AngularJS applications and works as a solution integrator combining powerful technologies like Selenium, Jasmine, Web Driver, etc. It is intended not only to test AngularJS application but also for writing automating regression tests for normal Web Application as well.

Protractor E2E Syllabus:

1)Getting Started

  1. What is Protractor?
  2. Why use Protractor?
  3. Installing Protractor.

2)Writing Out First Test

  1. Sample Application
  2. Testing that the Page is Loaded
  3. Adding a second condition
  4. Protractor Syntax
  5. Where Protractor fits in the Testing Spectrum?

3)Locators & Test Suits

  1. Introduction to Locators & Test Suits
  2. Using the Button Text Locator
  3. Using Binding and Model Locators
  4. Using Repeater Locator
  5. Creating and Executing Test Suits
  6. Using Protractor as Part of a Development Workflow
  7. Other locators

4)Page Objects

  1. What are Page Objects?
  2. Manual Maintenance
  3. Page Objects in Action
  4. Maintainable Tests


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