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HTML5 is everywhere, and is a technology that can no longer be ignored or treated as a mere extension of HTML4. HTML 5 is a vast umbrella term for modern Front End Engineering, namely java, Markup, DeviceAPIs, and Styles. Almost anything you see in App Stores can now be created with pure HTML-5.

Although we will cover some of the most exciting features of HTML 5 such as geolocation, web sockets, local storage, Real Time Communications(Web Workers, Web Socket), File / Hardware Access(Native Drag & Drop, FileSystem APIs, Geolocation, Device Orientation and Speech Input), Semantics & Markup, Multimedia, Graphics (2D and 3D Effects) SVG and Canvas, the focus of the course will be to help people understand the core principles and best practices for creating websites and apps.


• W3C and W3C Members


• What is Web?


• Introduction

• Parts in HTML Document

• Editors

• Basic

• Elements

• Attributes

• Headings

• Basics

• Paragraphs

• Formatting

• Links

• Head

• css

• Images

• Tables

• JavaScript


• HTML4 Drawbacks


About Ascent HTML Training Institute


Ascent HTML & HTML5 Training Institute Providing high quality training at affordable fees is our core value. We offers classroom on niche technologies which are in high demand. All our trainers are IT professionals with rich experience. We work with our students in developing the right skills they need to build their career in present competitive environment. We have flexible batch times to suit the timings of graduating students and working professionals.

Ascent Training Institute In Bangalore Excellent Trainers and Fabulous Lab this is what you can expect from us.Free training materials, Free Career consulting, Career guidance by experienced IT professionals, Pleasant and modern training rooms.



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