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ETL Testing Training Institute:


ETL stands for Extract-Transform-Load, which is the process of loading from the source system to the data warehouse. Extract the data from the OLTP database, convert it to match the data warehouse schema, and load it into the data warehouse database. Many data warehouses also contain data from non-OLTP systems, such as text files, legacy systems, and spreadsheets.


For example, there are retail stores with different departments (e.g., sales, marketing, logistics, etc.). Each of them independently processes customer information, and they store the data in a very different way. The sales department by customer ID storage.

Now, if they want to check the customer’s history and want to know what different products he or she buys for different marketing activities, it will be very tedious.

The solution is to use Datawarehouse to use ETL to store information from different sources in a unified structure. ETL can convert different data sets into a unified structure.

ETL Testing Training Institute

ETL Introdutions :


2.DWH/Datawarehouse Concepts.

3. Manual Testing.(Web Applications Architecture)

4. Why ETL Testing.(Datawarehouse Architecture)

5. Difference between manual/automation and ETL Testing/BI testing. 

6.SQL required for ETL Testing – Easy and only required SQL s for interviews.

7. ETL Transformations.

8. ETL test case documentation


10. Quality Center.

11. ETL Test Life Cycle.

12. Real time Scenarios of Interaction between Business Analyst, Developers and Testers.

13. Test Planning(Useful for people trying for lead Level)

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