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C Language Training Institute:


One thing we can speak without C Knowledge there is no Programming Logics to learn any language. There is no interviews for a Fresher without C language. To learn Java, .Net, Databases the list continues so many we require “C” Knowledge for a student Finally to tell many languages are internally Programmed by only C Language.

C Language Training Institute Course Overview

Introduction to ‘C’ language:

• Features of C

• History

• Structure of C Program

• Keyword, Identifiers & Constants

Data types:

• Primitive Data Types

• Aggregated Data Types


• Binary Operators

• Unary Operators

• Ternary Operators

• Special Operators

• Order of Evaluation


• Simple if

• if..else

• Nested if

• if..else ladder

• Goto Statement

• Break and Continue Statement

• Switch..Case statement


• While

• For

• Do..While

• Nested loop Statements


• Introduction to arrays

• Need for Arrays

• Types of arrays

• One Dimensional Arrays

• Two Dimensional Arrays

• Multi Dimensional Arrays

String manipulation:

• Declaring String

• Initializing String

• String Functions

• String Formatted Specifiers

• Multiple Strings


• Interdiction to Functions

• Need for Functions

• Classification of Functions

• Function Prototype

• Defining Function

• Calling Function

• Function with Arrays

• Function with Strings

• Recursive Functions

Storage class specifiers:

• Automatic

• Extern

• Static

• Register

Structures, unions, enum :

• Introduction to structures

• Declaring a Structure

• Introduction to Structures

• Structures with Arrays

• Structures with Function

• Nested Structures

• Introduction to Union

• Declaring Union

• Difference between Structures and Unions

• Enumerations

• Typedef


• Introduction to Memory

• Introduction to Pointers

• Operations on Pointers

• Pointer to Pointer

• Pointer to Array

• Array to Pointers

• Void pointers

• Call by Value and Call by Reference

• Passing Pointers to Functions

• Functions returning Pointers

• Pointer to Functions

• Dynamic Functions Call with Function Pointer

• Pointers with Structures

Dynamic memory allocation:

• Allocation (Malloc, Calloc&Realloc)

• De – Allocation (Free)


• Introduction

• File Input, Output Operations

• Sequential Files

• Random Access Files

• Command Line Arguments

• Handling Errors

• Database vs File System


• Introduction to Graphics

• Initializing Graphics

• Graphic Drivers & Modes

• Graphic Functions

Data Structures (DS):

• Introduction

• Stacks using Arrays

• Stacks using Linked List

• Queues using Arrays

• Queues using linked List

• Circular Queues

• De – Queues

• Singly Linked List

• Circular Linked List

• Doubly Linked List

• Infix, Prefix and Postfix

• Expressions

• Trees

• Binary Trees

• Directed Graphs, Undirected Graphs

• Searching Methods – BFS, DFS

• Searching Techniques – Linear, Binary

• Sorting Techniques – Bubble, Insertion,

• Selection, Quick, Heap and Merge

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