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Angular 4 Training Institute In Bangalore


Angular 4 Syllabus:

Angular 4 Introduction:-
In this module we will learn what is angular, what are the major differences between Angular 1.X, Angular 2 and Angular 4. We will also learn how to setup in the local environment and a small introduction about typescript.
What is Angular?
Angular (vs) Angular2 (vs) Angular4
Setup for local environment
What is Typescript?

Module 2:

Directives In this module we will learn what the built-in directives that we mostly use in angular4, and usage of Host Listener and Host Binding. Also we can learn how to create attribute directives.
Structural directives (Built-in Directives (ngIF, ngFor, ngSwitch)
Style and Class Directives ( ngClass, ngStyle)
Attribute directives
Host Listener and Host Binding

Data binding:-

In this module we will learn how to do data-binding in angular4, and how we can make use of @input and @output decorators.
Property binding and Interpolation
Event binding
Two-way Binding
Use of @Input and @Output


In this module we will learn one of the major concept in angular4 i.e., components. And we can also learn how to create dynamic component using component.
What are components?
Understanding Components life cycle hooks
Creating and using components
Dynamic components using Component Outlet
Deccan-soft Software Services Angular4 with Type Script

In this module we will learn what modules are, and usage of modules in different manner. We can also learn what AOT compilation is.
Root App module
Ahead-Of-Time(AOT) Compilation
Feature modules
Lazy Loading a Module
Shared Module

Forms:– In this module we will learn two different types of creating forms in angular4 i.e. template driven and model driven. And we will also learn how to do validations and how to create custom validators.

Template Driven Forms
Model Driven & Reactive Forms
Form with @ViewChild
Resetting & submitting forms
Custom Validators


In this module we will learn what pipes are, and how to pass parameters to pipes, and how to create custom pipes. And we will also learn new concept Async pipes that is introduced in angular4.
Why pipes are useful?
Parameterizing pipes
Custom pipes
Pure and Impure pipes
Async pipes

Services & Dependency injection

In this module we will learn what are services and how do they communicate using HTTP protocol to the server. And we will also learn about very interesting topic Dependency Injection in angular.
Creating Service
Logger Service
$http Service
DI in Angular Framework


In this module we will learn the introduction for routing in angular and how to navigate between views, how to do parameter routing.
Configuring & Navigating
Parameter routes

Crud Operations Using Http Service:-

In this module we will create an application with end-to-end start from server to client, getting response and requests using HTTP service.
Creating Services
Creating Components
Creating Routing
Configuring Module
Run the application

Angular 4 Training :


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