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Angular 2 Training Institute In Bangalore


Angular 2 Training – Syllabus

Angular 2 is a complete rewrite of the Angular framework, incorporating the latest standards in JavaScript and unifying many of the diverse elements found in AngularJS 1.x.

This Angular 2 training course includes a comprehensive introduction to AngularJS version 2.0, introduction to Type Script and ES6, Components, Form Handling, Data Binding and much more. See full details below:

Introduction to Angular 2

  • What is Angular 2?
  • Why Angular 2?
  • Scope and Goal of Angular 2
  • Installing and using Angular 2
  • Building Blocks of an Angular 2 Application
  • A simple application

Introduction to Type Script and ES6

  • Introduction to Type Script
  • The type system
  • Defining class and interface
  • Defining a module
  • Importing a module
  • Generics


  • What is a component?
  • Developing a simple component.
  • Templates for a component.
  • Component life cycle.

Data binding

  • What is data binding?
  • One way data binding
  • Two way data binding
  • Event binding

Working with Forms

  • Using input Text Box
  • Using Radio Buttons
  • Using Checkbox
  • Using Checkbox – Advanced
  • Using Select
  • Using Select – Advanced
  • Disabling an input
  • Detecting model changes using getter and setter

Basic Directives

  • What are directives?
  • Controlling Element Visibility
  • Adding and Removing an Element
  • Dynamically Changing Style Class
  • Setting Image Source
  • Setting Hyperlink Dynamically

Ascent-Software-Training- Institute

Advanced Directives

  • Looping using For
  • Conditional rendering using Switch
  • Switch When

Services and Dependency Injection

  • What is a service?
  • Defining a service
  • Injecting a service to a component
  • Application wide dependency injection o
  • @Injectable classes
  • Multiple Service Instances
  • @Optional and @Host

HTTP Client

  • The HTTP providers
  • Injecting the providers
  • Making a GET call
  • Handling error
  • More about Observable
  • Making a POST request
  • Working with headers
  • Making sequential calls
  • Making parallel calls

Introduction to Custom Directives

  • Types of directives – component, structural and attribute
  • Creating a basic attribute directive
  • Using the attribute directive
  • Handling event from an attribute directive
  • Binding input to an attribute directive


Advanced Custom Directives

  • About Structural Directives
  • Understand how ngIf works
  • Using the <template> tag
  • Using asterisk
  • Creating your own structural directive
  • Using the structural directive
  • Binding input to a structural directive
Advanced Form Handling
  • Introduction to Form Validation
  • Validation and Model Binding
  • Input Type Validation
  • Validation Directives
  • A Note About “required”
  • Detecting Validation State
  • Showing Error Message
  • Other Status Variables
  • Styling Input Fields
  • Styling Other Area
  • What is a pipe?
  • Example pipe usage
  • Passing parameters to a pipe
  • Chaining pipes
  • Date Pipe
  • Number Pipe
  • Currency Pipe
  • Upper Case Pipe and Lower Case Pipe
  • Decimal Pipe
  • Developing a custom pipe
  • Change detection form a pipe
  • Pure and Impure Pipes
Introduction to Single Page Application (SPA)
  • What is a SPA?
  • How is it Any Different?
  • Why Create SPA?
  • It’s Not All or Nothing
  • Challenges to SPA
  • Implementing SPA Using Angular 2
  • Simple SPA Using Visibility Control
  • SPA using Dynamic Templates for a Component
  • Example of Dynamic Template
  • SPA Using Routing
  • Why use routing?
  • Defining a route table
  • Navigation using hyperlink o Navigation using code
  • Supplying parameters to a route URL


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