Basic  Dotnet  Training In Bangalore :


Chapter – I: .NET Framework Fundamentals

 1             Introduction to .NET Framework

Chapter – II: C# Fundamentals

   2           C# Introduction

   3           Enumerations and Arrays

   4           Constructors, Destructors, Partial Classes and Static Classes

   5           Introduction to Inheritance, Visibility Modifiers and Simple Inheritance

   6           Hiding methods, Method Overriding, Abstract Classes and Methods

   7           Sealed Classes and Interfaces

   8           Delegates, Generics

   9           Exceptions, Debugging, Break points, Immediate window, Collections

 10          Multi Threading, , LINQ

 11          Assemblies

 12          Manipulating Files and File Streams

Chapter – III: Windows Applications Development using C#

 13          Getting started with Windows Applications

 14          Standard Controls, Selection Controls, Selection Controls

 15          Background Processing Controls (Timer and ProgressBar, NotifyIcon)

 16          Dialog Controls (ColorDialog, FontDialog, OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, PrintDialog)

Chapter – IV: Sql Server   2008

 18: Sql Basics, History, Querys

     19: Built in Functions

     20: Joins

     21: Views, Indexes

     22: Stored procedures, triggers

Chapter – V: Data Access using C# with ADO.NET support

 23          ADO.NET Basics and Library, Database Connection

 24          Query Processing using Command Class

 25          Working with Data Adapter, Dataset

 26          Working with Stored Procedures

                Menu Navigated Database Application Development and Crystal Report

Chapter – VI: Web Sites Development using ASP.NET

 29          HTML, JavaScript, ASP, and ASP.NET Introduction, Getting started with ASP.NET, Advantages of ASP.NET, and Traditional Web Sites Development in ASP.NET.

 30          Page Life Cycle, Implicit Objects, Web Controls

 31          Database Applications in ASP.NET using ADO.NET, Data Controls

 32          Validation Controls, Navigation Controls, Login Controls

 33          Grid View in depth

 34          User Controls, Master Pages

 35          Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Themes

 36          ViewState and Cookies

 37          SessionState and ApplicationState

 38          XML

  39              XML with Dataset


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